An ecosystem of brands and great mentors.

Wisperin, powered by
Stakk Ventures.

The difference between Wisperin and your regular marketing agency lies in our team's proven success. Our ecosystem of brands, Stakk Ventures, has generated over $70M in cumulative revenue in the B2B SaaS and service industries. Our team has had skin in the game for over a decade building profitable businesses from scratch, turning them into profitable revenue machines. We’re now excited to share our secret sauce with great leaders like you!
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Leveraging 12 years
of growing businesses.

Over the years, our growing expertise and synergies within our network have allowed us to launch a complementary suite of businesses.

Stakk Ventures

Bringing all our brands together to focus on one goal: creating and investing in revenue-generating machines.
Venture studio


Whenever we launched a website or engaged in mentoring, the feedback on our design and GTM modelling were so great, it inspired us to also offer these as dedicated services.
Demand Gen Consultancy

The Blox

During the last crypto craze, we advised and invested in plenty of great Web3 founders. We launched a startup accelerator, built a network of 100+ mentors, and helped 30+ startups in raising $40M in pre-seed funding.
Startup accelerator

BME Care

When Covid-19 hit, we capitalized on our customer portfolio and expertise to bootstrap an eCommerce site for PPE, generating $7M in revenue over 7 months.

Buy Made Easy

Buy Made Easy is our OG SaaS company. We took it from 0 to $17M ARR. No VC money. It was ranked by the Financial Times as one of the fastest growing European companies in 2022.

Our ventures have earned the
trust of top industry leaders.

Since we've started, Stakk Ventures' network of customers has grown to over 400 clients, with no signs of slowing down.
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Our key achievements

Revenue generated through our frameworks
Our fastest growth from scratch in 7 months
Capital raised by
startups we supported

The driving force behind our brands.

Each team member has been instrumental in our success, and we're committed to sharing our most valuable advice with you.
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