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Paris, France

Think tank leverages Wisperin's expertise for marketing intelligence.

From strategy to impactful messaging and execution.
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“Wisperin delivered outstanding outcomes for our think tank during our 2-year partnership. ”
Philippe Rodriguez
President @AugmentedNation


Augmented Nation (Formerly Metacircle), a leading think tank focused on metaverse and augmented technology, has rapidly evolved from a concept into a major network, now comprising over 100 startups and established firms, including notable names like RTFKT, McKinsey, and Ledger.

Augmented Nation's mission is to enhance human capabilities through augmented technology and setting new standards in intelligence and policy.

We served as a fractional marketing strategy team for 2 years in this project.

The Challenge

Despite its ambitious vision, Augmented Nation faced significant challenges in scaling its operations, maintaining cohesion among its members, and establishing a clear, influential presence within the broader tech ecosystem.

Key hurdles included:

  • Brand Recognition and Cohesion: Unifying a vast spectrum of entities under a single, coherent brand identity without diluting individual members' unique contributions and value propositions.
  • Strategic Direction: Crafting a unified strategy that accommodates the objectives of over 100 different entities while pushing the collective towards common goals.
  • Financial Sustainability: Implementing pricing and financial models that support both the collective's ambitions and the individual needs of its members, ensuring long-term viability.
  • Content Syndication and Engagement: Keeping a vast community engaged and informed through effective content production pipeline, events and virtual workshops.
  • Innovation Leadership: Establishing Augmented Nation not just as a hub of technological advancement, but as a thought leader capable of influencing policy and setting industry standards.

The Approach

Recognizing these challenges, we helped Augmented Nation with a custom strategy to consolidate its brand, refine its strategic objectives, and enhance its operational efficacy.

Branding & Web Design

We developed and launched two brands/websites (Metacircle & Augmented Nation) to serve as the digital face of Augmented Nation, ensuring a coherent, impactful online presence.

Strategy Development

Our team crafted overarching strategies focused on expansion and the integration of collective objectives with individual members' goals.

Pricing Modeling

We implemented a multi-service pricing model for forecasting accuracy and sustainability of both the collective and its members.

AI-Content Syndication

In order to keep the community informed and engaged, we developed an AI-driven content curation system that aggregates and disseminates industry news. The system sources content from various RSS feeds and rehashes it using ChatGPT with custom prompts.

Innovation Leadership

The main goal for Augmented Nation was to position itself as a thought leader in its space, influencing both policy and industry standards through proactive engagement and advocacy.

Community Growth

We expanded the collective from its inception to include over 100 startups and established firms in the B2B space.

Event we organized with Augmented Nation event featuring popular figures like Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), Jean-Noel Barrot (French Minister of Digital) or Benoit Pagotto (RTFKT)

The Outcomes

The strategic initiatives have yielded significant, tangible results, solidifying its position as a key player in its category:

Brand visibility

The launch of a cohesive brand and website significantly elevated Augmented Nation's online presence, attracting further interest from potential members and partners.

Member base and leadership impact

We expanded the collective from its inception to onboard over 100 paid members including startups and established firms such as RTFKT, McKinsey, Saint Gobain, The Sandbox, or Disney Land in 6 months.

Strategic clarity and expansion

The development and implementation of comprehensive strategies facilitated targeted expansion efforts and ensured the alignment of member objectives with collective goals.

Increased engagement

Our AI-driven content syndication system was innovative enough to generate engagement within the community, keeping them informed about the latest and most impactful news in the space.