C-Datacenters by Casino Group
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Wisperin structures GTM strategy and boosts national presence of Casino Group's C-Datacenters.

Learn how we built a GTM for C-Datacenters' debut.
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We greatly appreciated the agility and expertise of Wisperin. Their execution helped us quickly position our brand in multiple local markets.
Edouard Chapron
Director of Operations @CasinoGroup


C-Datacenters, owned and operated by the Casino Group, develops and manages data centers in France, offering shared server hosting, computer rack rentals, and associated services (proximity gestures, storage spaces, and offices...).

Leveraging a substantial real estate portfolio, the group has the capability to convert some of its assets into secure, technically optimized, and strategically situated datacenters. This initiative builds on the group's historic local presence and strong relationships with local authorities.

C-Datacenters aims to grow this line of business by launching new sites and offering computer rack rental and datacenter colocation solutions in areas where the Group has established a presence.


The project started without a live website, needing some back and front end work to begin with.

Considering the need for a cost-effective strategy, we focused on organic growth, without relying on paid media campaigns.

We aimed to launch a website optimized for search engines to get organic traffic first.

Our goal was to make the website more visible and get more visitors to kickstart lead generation, focusing on capturing the interest of our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) who are already interested in what C-Datacenters offers.

We planned a full marketing strategy to help C-Datacenters grow on their own after our work was done.

Our strategy covered the following initiatives:

Full competitive audit & Action plan

  • We did a detailed analysis and created a 30-page plan covering a full audit of competitors, outlining a go-to-market strategy and steps for growth after our involvement.
  • This included advice on mastering search engine optimization, content creation, creatives, using social media effectively, and developing a comprehensive strategy for generating and capturing demand utilizing paid media campaigns, from raising awareness to retargeting.

Content Development

  • Current landing pages were expanded with in-depth content to improve keyword richness and ranking potential.
  • We proposed to target long-tail keywords and specific locations, tapping into less competitive, high-quality traffic.

Website Authority

  • A strategic backlinking plan was designed to direct consistent traffic to both landing pages and blog posts.
  • The focus was on acquiring backlinks from domains with medium to high authority within the industry.

Monitoring and Reporting:

  • A regular performance monitoring system was put in place.
  • A reporting was developed to provide detailed performance analyses, KPI tracking, and competitive insights.



  • A complete action plan was created, based on competitive analysis and ICP data. It includes actionable steps for autonomous deployment and detailed guidelines.

Content Impact

  • A 1500% increase in traffic was observed in the first 4 week.
  • Our optimization of each page of the website provided a significant boost to keyword rankings, with 20 local keywords achieving a first-place position in search results.

Conversion rate

  • Focusing solely on organic search, we achieved a 10.4% conversion rate by targeting keywords related to city-specific data centers, increasing the quality of our traffic.