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Wisperin spearheads Casino Group's CVolt market entry strategy.

Casino Group trusted us with second project launch, CVolt.
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"Collaborating with Wisperin was an exceptional experience."
Hadrien Parsy
Innovation Lead @CasinoGroup


CVolt, a subsidiary of the Casino Group, provides comprehensive advisory services on electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions and solar panels for businesses. Having contributed to over 3% of France's professional EV and solar panel installations, CVolt partnered with Wisperin for its market introduction, focusing on innovative EV charging stations and solar panels in parking lots nationwide.

Despite a solid foundation, CVolt needed a strategic approach to go to market and generate demand effectively.

The goal was to use the group's historical expertise in installing EV charging stations and solar panels on their own properties, including supermarkets and other real estate assets, to market CVolt with a strategy that included branding, website development, demand generation, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

Branding strategy

The initiation of CVolt’s market presence began with a focused branding strategy. This foundational stage was dedicated to crafting a visual and narrative identity that aligned with CVolt's mission to revolutionize the EV charging and solar panel installation industry. The effort was concentrated on encapsulating the company's values, ensuring that every touchpoint with the brand communicated its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions.

cVolt visual identity

Website Development

The website was developed to fully embody CVolt's mission and values, emphasizing user engagement and lead capture.

cVolt Landing Page

We built specific components such as an income simulator and campaign-specific landing pages to create a personalized experience for targeted prospects.

Income simulator for EV stations & Solar panels

Demand Generation

Wisperin launched a multi-channel campaign to foster awareness and interest in CVolt's offerings. We started by collecting data to create their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and laying out the KPI foundation for effective tracking. We then created and implemented strategic content, marketing automation, and targeted paid media campaigns.

The focus was on sectors most sensitive to upcoming regulations, positioning CVolt's services as a solution to comply with new standards without the need for capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Two significant regulations were highlighted:

  1. The ENR law, effective in 2025, requires outdoor parking areas over 1,500 square meters to have carports equipped with renewable energy production capabilities.
  2. The LOM law mandates parking lots with over ten spaces to prepare infrastructure for future EV charging installations, such as electrical conduits.

This approach enabled us to highlight a specific problem relevant to any business meeting these criteria, creating a sense of urgency that can be highly effective in advertising campaigns.

Ad Creative examples of our CVolt campaigns

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

In parallel, an ABM strategy targeting high-value accounts was implemented, identifying and segmenting businesses and stakeholders most likely to benefit from CVolt's solutions. Custom marketing messages and campaigns were crafted for these segments to deepen engagement and accelerate the sales cycle. This targeted approach ensured marketing resources were concentrated on prospects with the highest conversion potential.


Having initiated this project from scratch, we acted as an extension of Casino Group's innovation team. Specific campaign numbers won't be disclosed as requested by the client.

  • Branding & visual identity: A comprehensive branding and visual identity strategy was implemented to reflect CVolt's mission and market positioning.
  • Scalable website: Developed to support CVolt's growth and scalability, the website serves as a digital hub for engaging potential customers, showcasing the company's expertise in the B2B EV charging and solar panel sectors.
  • Content & Creatives: Over 40 pieces of content and creatives were created to nurture both organic and paid campaigns.
  • Market Entry: CVolt established a strong digital presence upon entering the market, positioning itself as a key player in the B2B EV charging and solar panel domains.
  • Demand Generation: Set up of integrated demand generation campaigns leveraging both organic content and paid media alongside the ABM strategy to accelerate the engagement of Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs).